Happy New Year from Car Mashups!

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We wish you all the best for 2020 and may the mashups continue to flow this year at the same rate as last year!

Let’s hope for more Honota Cilets this year!

Speaking of flows: shortly before the New Year we made the second Car Mashups coloringbook (Mitsuota Garina AMG Surf) available through the AEU86 shop:

Mitsuota Garina AMG Surf Car Mashups Coloring book
Mitsuota Garina AMG Surf Car Mashups Coloring book

The new downloadable coloring book features 5 coloring pages in total:

  • Mitsuota Garina AMG Surf rear profile drawing
  • Front / rear drawing
  • Side drawing
  • Top drawing
  • Mitsuota Garina AMG Surf front profile drawing

It’s really simple: you purchase the coloringbook through the AEU86 shop and you will receive a download link. After downloading the file you can immediately print the coloringbook yourself: no waiting for arrival via the post, no steep shipping cost to the other side of the planet, just download and print!

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