The first Car Mashups Coloring book available!

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After running the Bosozoku Style blog for over a year, about nine years ago I created the Bosozoku Style coloring book for my son. Soon after I sent it to a few people it became an instant hit and I had to make hundreds of copies. Following the same tradition I have now created the first Car Mashups coloring book:

The first Car Mashups Coloring Book: Mazbaru SA60!

I chose the Mazbaru SA60 to represent the Car Mashups idea fully: two different manufacturers, two different eras, two different styles and a big WTF factor guaranteed! Not only did I include the blueprint of the car, but I also traced the front face profile mashup as seen above.

Creating the Car Mashups coloring book

The Coloring Book has six pages of which four are drawings that you can color in. The book is in a downloadable format. This means after you have bought it, you can print and start coloring immediately! The price only €1.50, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t treat yourself this small gift for Christmas!

The downloadable Car Mashups coloring book!

You can buy the Car Mashups Mazbaru SA60 coloring book from the AEU86 shop. Have fun coloring it in!

Also if you wish to see another coloring book with your own favorite car mashup: drop us a message via the contact form!

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