Honota Cino Tur Twin Cam 16 mashup

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Honota Cino Tur Twin Cam 16

If the name Honota Cino sounds unfamiliar you are correct: it is a combination of the Honda City and the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86. Both cars were brilliant in design and combining the two into one is a stroke of genius! The front section is taken from the Honda City and the rear section is taken from the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86. The fusion of these two cars was born out of the necessity to cut costs and both manufacturers combined forces, combining the best of both cars into this new Honota Cino. Honda and Toyota deemed it a good idea to combine the front of a hatchback and the rear of a coupe.
Honda City + Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 = Honota Cino Tur Twin Cam 16

The Honota Cino combines the late showa and late showa. Thanks to it’s pop-art style Madness infested ads and brochures the City Turbo quickly gained popularity under the Japanese 80s youth. The technological advancements are clearly visible with the Trueno AE86: all new engine technology, air conditioning, power steering, power windows, power mirrors and the list of features and options continues on.

Honota Cino Tur Twin Cam 16 blueprint

Honota Cino – Chassis and Suspension

The Honota Cino has 3 doors and the total length of the car is 3932mm. The weight of the car also changed from 690 kilograms (Honda City) and 940 kilograms (Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86) to 857 kilograms (1890 pounds).

Honota Cino: a car mashup of the Honda City and Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86


Number of doors 3
Length 3932mm
Width 1625mm
Height 1460mm
Wheelbase 2310mm
Weight 857kg


Front suspension Independent strut suspension
Rear suspension solid live axle
Front wheels 4.5Jx12 ET38 alloy rims with 165/70HR12 tires
Rear wheels 14 inch alloy (pizza cutter) rims, 185/60R14 tires

Honota Cino: a car mashup of the Honda City and Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86

Engine and drivetrain

The Cino features the ER-T engine up front. This engine delivers 99 horsepower. Apparently there has been a literal power struggle between Honda and Toyota over the choice of engines. Honda clearly won, hence the choice for the ER-T engine. With the weight of the car being 857 kilograms, this alters the power to weight ratio to 19.05 lb/hp (11.59 kg/kW)
Honda ER-T engine


Engine ER-T
Engine location front
Engine layout transverse
Displacement 2131
Bore x Stroke 66 x 90
Cylinders 4
Aspiration turbocharged
Intercooler no
Power 99 hp (74 kW)
Torque 147 Nm (108 lb.ft)


Gearbox 5 speed manual
Topgear ratio 0.655
Final drive 4.066

The ER-T used an 8-bit ECU to control both fuel injection and the wastegate of the turbo.

Tur Twin Cam 16 trim level

The Tur Twin Cam 16 mixes the best out of the Honda City Turbo and the Toyota Trueno Apex Twin Cam 16.
Honota Cino front trim: taken from the Honda City
The dashboard featured a digital speedometer and boost gauge. The remainder of the gauge cluster remained analogue, including the gigantic tachometer that filled up most of the space. The trim of the 1983 model was offered as two-tone fabric and panels in the colors dark/light blue, red/black and beige/brown.
Honota Cino rear trim: taken from the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86


The turbo model can be distinguished by the enormous bulge on the bonnet. This bulge was necessary to create the extra space necessary by the turbo and larger intake of the Turbo model. Disk brakes were added to the AE86 to ensure it had adequate stopping power. Drifters prefer the AE85 drum brakes over the disks though…

The original front: Honda City

This particular model of the Honda City was sold in 1982. The body style is a door hatchback.
Honda City

The Honda City was designed as a small city car aimed at the youth that wanted a bigger car than kei-dimensions and had money to spare. The Honda City Turbo was initiated by Honda’s Formula One director Sakurai Shoshito, however this was shortly before Honda rentered Formula One as engine supplier for Williams in 1983.

Honda Motocompo foldable bike

The Honda City platform featured innovative products like the foldable Motocompo bike in the boot space, the Manhattan HiFi boombox car and obviously also the Turbo and Turbo II models featuring a widebody version of the car with an incredible powerful turbo charged engine. The Honda City is widely considered to be the most daring product by Honda ever.

The Honda City ad campaign

The initial ad campaign hired the British ska band Madness, featuring the ‘In the City’ song which while performing their ‘Nutty Train’ walk. This song is also better known for its catchy Honda-honda-honda chorus and the band later released a 3 minute version of the song on the b-side of ‘Cardiac Arrest’. The ad campaign was an instant success and the Honda City broke many sales records. Upon the release of the Turbo model the ‘Driving In My Car’ song was used, where the members of the band were dressed up as samurai while performing, once again, their ‘Nutty Train’ walk.

Honda City

The Honda City in popular media

The Honda Motocompo bike became immensely popular thanks to an episode of Mighty Car Mods, where Marty and Moog race each other with a red and a yellow Motocompo bike. This renewed interest in the Honda City and since the prices soared. Often the first generation Honda Today is mistaken for the Honda City: both featured the same styling but the Today is a genuine Kei car, while the City isn’t.

Spotted: A pair of Pocket Rockets! Suzuki Alto Works / Honda City Turbo II by Wasabi Cars

The original rear: Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86

This particular model of the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 was sold in 1983. The body style is a door coupe.
Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86

The Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 was the last rear wheel drive of the Sprinter lineup. It became the logical successor to the previous generation Sprinter Trueno TE71/TE72 with one key difference: it featured the was the launch vehicle for the newly Toyota-Yamaha developed 4A-GE engine that would become one of the best engines Toyota ever made. The Sprinter Trueno AE86 inherited the floor pan from the E70 coupe, but received various upgrades that would improve the handling. It also shared the platform with the Corolla lineup, where the Corolla Levin was the Sprinter Trueno’s sister model.

The Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 ad campaign

The Sprinter E80 ad campaign featured the Sexy Sprinter tag line alongside actor and singer Ikkô Furuya (古谷一行) as the Japanese celebrity praising the Sprinter lineup.

Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86

The Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 in popular media

In popular culture the AE86 has been made immortal by both the Drift King Keiichi Tsuchiya and the manga and anime Initial D. Tsuchiya raced the AE86 professionally during the early 80s and always favored it as his personal car. After owning several AE86s he settled during the 90s on a Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-V AE86 that had been modified extensively.

A junk Hachiroku: Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX AE86 by Wasabi Cars


The Honota Cino certainly is a daring product by combining two cars from two different manufacturers. It really took guts from Honda and Toyota to come to this consensus and that’s certainly something to be remembered for. It may not be 100% up to the tastes of typical buyers from Honda or Toyota, but the car being sold under the brand could potentially attract new customers that they normally wouldn’t have had.


Keep in mind that this is an automatically generated artist impression what could be a possible mashup between the Honda City and the Toyota Trueno. This is not meant to offend any person nor mock a specific car or car brand as all cars and car brands in our database are mashed up randomly. The gods of randomization feel that this was the proper hommage to both cars and highlighting their strong and weak points. In the end, just imagine this newly created car was a real thing and existed out of cost saving necessity. This isn’t the first time such a thing happened, hence we now have to live with the Toyoscionbaru BRZFR-SGT86 and soon with the ToyoBMW Z4Supra.

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