Nisota Sillet K Turbo mashup

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Nisota Sillet K Turbo

The Nisota Sillet may sound odd, but it simply fuses the Nissan Silvia S14 and Toyota Starlet GT Turbo EP82 together in one car!
The front section is taken from the Nissan Silvia S14 and the rear section is taken from the Toyota Starlet GT Turbo EP82.
The fusion of these two cars was born out of the necessity to cut costs and both manufacturers combined forces, combining the best of both cars into this new Nisota Sillet.
Nissan and Toyota deemed it a good idea to combine the front of a coupe and the rear of a 3 door hatchback.

The Nisota Sillet combines the post bubble era and bubble era. Due to the decrease in spending in R&D, during this era the technologial advancements slowly dried up. Existing technology got reused and improved, but no new breaktrhoughs were made over the existing S13.
Turbocharged cars were literally inflating during the bubble era.


The Nisota Sillet has 3 doors and the total length of the car is 4037mm.
The weight of the car also changed from 1240 kilograms (Nissan Silvia S14) and 830 kilograms (Toyota Starlet GT Turbo EP82) to 965 kilograms (2128 pounds).

Number of doors 3
Length 4037mm
Width 1730mm
Height 1380mm
Wheelbase 2412mm
Weight 965kg
Front suspension McPherson struts
Rear suspension solid beam axle with suspension arms
Topgear ratio 0.77
Final drive 3.69

Engine and drivetrain

Engine SR20DET
Engine location front
Engine layout Longitudinal
Displacement 1998
Bore x Stroke 86 x 86
Cylinders 4
Aspiration turbo charged
Intercooler yes
Power 217 hp (162 kW)
Torque 275 Nm (203 lb.ft)
Gearbox 5 speed manual

Even though this Sillet features the powerful SR20DET engine, it’s 0-60 times are bad due to non of the wheels are driven…This SR20DET is considered the pinnacle of Nissans engineering, including 90s high tech like variable cam timing and ignition coil packs.

K Turbo trim level

The K Turbo mixes the best out of the Nissan Silvia K’s and the Toyota Starlet GT Turbo.

In typical early 90s style, the cloth interior has a pattern shape.
You can undeniably distinguish the ordinary Starlet EP80 from the GT EP82 by the huge spoiler on the rear hatch.


Just like the Sil80 swap, the front end of the S14 used a popular swap for the S13 and was nicknamed S13.4.
The later Starlet GT Turbo models featured an optional ABS brake system.

The original front: Nissan Silvia S14

This particular model of the Nissan Silvia S14 was sold in 1993. The body style is a door coupe.

The Nissan Silvia S14 was the successor of the beautiful Silvia S13. Just like the S13, the S14 was a two door coupe featuring the SR20 engine that was introduced alongside the S13 facelift. The choice was either a non-turbo SR20DE or the now infamous indestructible turbo-ed SR20DET. Just like the S13, the S14 was offered in the J’s (Jacks), Q’s (Queens) and K’s (Kings) trim. The Nissan 180SX S13 was still sold alongside the Silvia S14 though.

The Nissan Silvia S14 ad campaign

As a proper follow up to the Art Force Silvia tag line from the Silvia S13, the new Silvia S14 featured the Eye Hunt Silvia tag line. Also using Sowing the Seeds of Love by Tears for Fears as the soundtrack is a great improvement over Procol Harum’s Whiter Shade Of Pale that can be seen as a drunken sexual escapade gone bad.

The Nissan Silvia S14 in popular media

Keiichi Tsuchiya showcased the zenki (early type) Silvia S14 in the Drift Bible with his new aftermarket company called Kei Office. In Initial D Kenta (Nakamura Kenta) drives an early type Silvia S14 Q’s featuring a naturally aspirated SR20DE.

Too Low, S14 Nissan Silvia can’t enter driveway, leaves without dinner by Wasabi Cars

The original rear: Toyota Starlet GT Turbo EP82

This particular model of the Toyota Starlet GT Turbo EP82 was sold in 1990. The body style is a door 3 door hatchback.

The Toyota Starlet GT Turbo EP82 was a prolongation of the 80s hot hatchback race by each manufacturer and a worthy successor to the Starlet Turbo S EP71. The new P80 Starlet was introduced in 1989 and it was an instant hit!

The Toyota Starlet GT Turbo EP82 ad campaign

In the typical late 80s and early 90s, the Starlet GT Turbo ads were whacky. Don’t expect any Japanese celebrities showing up in these ads: they’re simply too weird for that!

The Toyota Starlet GT Turbo EP82 in popular media

The Toyota Starlet EP82 was very popular with the 90s boy racers: the engine was highly tunable due to the absence of an airflow meter and it could zip through the tight corners of togues quickly as the Starlet only weights 830 kilograms.

Left To Rot: TRD Equipped, Toyota Starlet GT Turbo – EP82 by Wasabi Cars


The Nisota Sillet certainly is a daring product by combining two cars from two different manufacturers. It really took guts from Nissan and Toyota to come to this consensus and that’s certainly something to be remembered for. It may not be 100% up to the tastes of typical buyers from Nissan or Toyota, but the car being sold under the brand could potentially attract new customers that they normally wouldn’t have had.


Keep in mind that this is an automatically generated artist impression what could be a possible mashup between the Nissan Silvia and the Toyota Starlet. This is not meant to offend any person nor mock a specific car or car brand as all cars and car brands in our database are mashed up randomly. The gods of randomization feel that this was the proper hommage to both cars and highlighting their strong and weak points. In the end, just imagine this newly created car was a real thing and existed out of cost saving necessity. This isn’t the first time such a thing happened, hence we now have to live with the Toyoscionbaru BRZFR-SGT86 and soon with the ToyoBMW Z4Supra.

If you like this mashup and you want to spend some more time with it, you can play around with these before and after image sliders and do your own car mashup:

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