Toysan Cresline Super E S-Type mashup

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Toysan Cresline Super E S-Type

The Toysan Cresline may sound odd, but it simply fuses the Toyota Cresta GX81 and Nissan Skyline together in one car!
The front section is taken from the Toyota Cresta GX81 and the rear section is taken from the Nissan Skyline.
The fusion of these two cars was born out of the necessity to cut costs and both manufacturers combined forces, combining the best of both cars into this new Toysan Cresline.
Toyota and Nissan deemeed it a good idea to combine the front of a hardtop sedan and the rear of a coupe.

Due to the short front doors of the Cresta, the car sits on a short wheelbase, but that’s compensated by the increased width of the car.

The Toysan Cresline combines the bubble era and early 70s. The collapse of the bubble era didn’t affect the sales of the Cresta derivatives.
The merger of Nissan and the Prince Motor Company proved to be very successful. Not only did their combined effords made the new company stronger than the two individually, but also the racing pedigree of Prince was successfully carried over to Nissan. The Nissan Skyline became the 50 consecutive victories winning machine and by 1972 it began to look old and aging. To replace the Skyline C10, Nissan created the handsome Skyline C110 which mimiced the late 60s American musclecar looks to the perfection. Due to the oil crisis the successor of the Nissan Skyline GT-R never raced, but it still got sold in a low volume. One notch below the GT-R was the Nissan Skyline 2000 GTX-E, featuring a 2 litre L-series engine with triple carburettors. It was always overshadowed by the GT-R that got canned, but it surely does earn it’s place in history as well!


The Toysan Cresline has 2 doors and the total length of the car is 4535mm.
Due to being a hybrid between a sedan up front and a coupe in the rear, the wheelbase is now extra short, measuring 2123mm in total.
The weight of the car also changed from 1360 kilograms (Toyota Cresta GX81) and 1145 kilograms (Nissan Skyline) to 1215 kilograms (2681 pounds).

Number of doors 2
Length 4535mm
Width 1695mm
Height 1375mm
Wheelbase 2123mm
Weight 1215kg
Front suspension McPherson struts
Rear suspension Semi trailing arms
Topgear ratio 0.71
Final drive 4.30

Engine and drivetrain

The Cresline features the 1G-GZE engine up front. This engine delivers 168 horsepower. The choice for the 1G-GZE engine is a natural choice: the 1G-GZE is more powerful than the L20A.
With the weight of the car being 1215 kilograms, this alters the power to weight ratio to 15.99 lb/hp (9.73 kg/kW)

Engine 1G-GZE
Engine location front
Engine layout Longitudinal
Displacement 1998
Bore x Stroke 75 x 75
Cylinders 6
Aspiration supercharged
Intercooler yes
Power 168 hp (125 kW)
Torque 226 Nm (167 lb.ft)
Gearbox 4 speed automatic

The 1G-GZE supercharged twin cam 24 valve engine produces 170PS (168hp) and was based upon the experimental Lasre-Alpha engine.

Super E S-Type trim level

The Super E S-Type mixes the best out of the Toyota Cresta Super Lucent G and the Nissan Skyline 2000 GTX-E S-Type.

The Super Lucent trim level meant a digital gauge cluster and a cd player were standard.
The GTX-E trim a set of factory alloy wheels, which was in the early 70s quite unusual.


The afterburner tail lights are the most significant design detail of the Skyline. The tail lights consists out of two rings on each side, where the outer ring on the coupe is larger than the inner ring. The design was introduced on the C110 and is still in use until today.

The original front: Toyota Cresta GX81

This particular model of the Toyota Cresta GX81 was sold in 1989. The body style is a door hardtop sedan.

The Toyota Cresta X80 was a natural evolution of the boxy Cresta X70. Just like the X70, the Cresta X80 was aimed towards the Japanese upper class and featured the hottest luxurious gadgets like cruise control, adjustable suspension and parking sensors. The latter was introduced months before the Lexus LS400 showcased it to the world and brought a shock and awe to the reknowned German luxurious car manufacturers. The Cresta X80 offered a very broad engine choice: from the ancient 7M-GE, through the 1G engine range including the super charged 1G-GZE to the newly introduced 1JZ-GTE. The 1JZ powered Crestas are the most sought after cars.

The Toyota Cresta GX81 ad campaign

The Japanese actor Tsutomu Yamazaki (山崎 努) coined the Cresta for many years. Ever since the introduction of the Cresta with the X50 platform he has featured the Toyota Cresta ads showcasing the immense class and luxury. He won the blue ribbon award for best actor in 1984 and in 1985 he played a John Wayne resembling trucker in the ramen western Tampopo.

The Toyota Cresta GX81 in popular media

Due to it’s luxurious aura, the Cresta lineup is a popular car for creating zokushas. In the Great Teacher Onizuka manga (and anime) the head principal of the school drives a X100 Cresta to show his higher status to his colleagues. His particular Cresta has a bad omen on it as it gets destroyed many times during the various stories and episodes.

The original rear: Nissan Skyline

This particular model of the Nissan Skyline was sold in 1975. The body style is a door coupe.

The second generation of the Nissan Skyline was actually the fifth generation of the Skyline. After the Nissan – Prince Motor Company merger the Hakosuka Skyline was branded as a Nissan product with the chassis code C10, and the successor the the Hakosuka became the C110. Just like the Hakosuka, the C110 quickly got a nickname as well: Kenmeri Skyline. The reason for this name originated from the ad campaign by Nissan where the protagonists are a fictional young couple named Ken (Japanese) and Mary (American) and this symbolized the car and the whole movement behind it. The two names were concatenated and thus the car became known as the Kenmeri Skyline. Nissan planned to put, just like with the Hakosuka C10, a GT-R model of the C110 into production and race it successfully. The newly created C110 GT-R race car was basically a rebodied C10 GT-R race car and everything appeared to be fine for this strategy by Nissan, but then the 1973 oil crisis struck and reminded everyone that were are very much reliant on oil and gas guzzling performance models like the GT-R were abandoned quickly. This meant the curtain fell for the GT-R after only 197 cars had been sold and the C110 GT-R race car never competed in any race. Next in line after the GT-R was the Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-X featuring a set of two sidedraft carburetors, which got succeeded in 1975 by the more fuel efficient 2000 GTX-E that featured a fuel injected L20A engine.

The Nissan Skyline ad campaign

The Nissan ad campain of the Skyline C110 was one of the most successful campaigns for Nissan ever. The ads featuring a Japanese young man (Ken) and beautiful American girl (Mary) hit the right tone for the (young) babyboomers and sales skyrocketed. Nissan sold 660,000 cars of the C110 generation in total.

The Nissan Skyline in popular media

The C110 was not a popular car after the late 70s and due to it’s daring design considered an ugly car throughout the 90s and early 2000s. Only after this people started to appreciate the C110 once more and the legendary 197 GT-Rs helped to increase the prices of the lesser models as well. From the early 80s till the late 90s many of the plenyful C110s have been mutulated by youth that was into kaido racers / zokusha: back in those days the C110 was cheap and offered a nice platform to work with. Keiichi Tsuchiya confessed in one of the Best Motoring Hot Version videos that his very first drift car was a Nissan Skyline C110 sedan: it was cheap, powerful enough and easy to tune.

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The Toysan Cresline certainly is a daring product by combining two cars from two different manufacturers. It really took guts from Toyota and Nissan to come to this consensus and that’s certainly something to be remembered for. It may not be 100% up to the tastes of typical buyers from Toyota or Nissan, but the car being sold under the brand could potentially attract new customers that they normally wouldn’t have had.


Keep in mind that this is an automatically generated artist impression what could be a possible mashup between the Toyota Cresta and the Nissan Skyline. This is not meant to offend any person nor mock a specific car or car brand as all cars and car brands in our database are mashed up randomly. The gods of randomization feel that this was the proper hommage to both cars and highlighting their strong and weak points. In the end, just imagine this newly created car was a real thing and existed out of cost saving necessity. This isn’t the first time such a thing happened, hence we now have to live with the Toyoscionbaru BRZFR-SGT86 and soon with the ToyoBMW Z4Supra.

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