New car reveal: Mitsubishi Galant AMG

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On Monday I had to skip posting a new car mashup, but it was actually for a good cause: I wanted to finish this new car that I have been working on for three weeks already! I assume you already read the title and know it’s the Mitsubishi Galant AMG! I wanted to do another three-box sedan and it had to be special, a bit like bubble-era crazyness. In my opinion the Galant AMG is encompassing the bubble-era perfectly and a much better example than the much more potent Galant VR-4!

Mitsubishi Galant AMG blueprint tracing
Mitsubishi Galant AMG blueprint tracing

Mitsubishi Galant VR-4?

What do you exactly mean with that then? The Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 can basically be considered to be the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 0. It had been designed with rallying in mind and featured a homologation version each year it competed in the WRC. The VR-4 featured a turbocharged 4G63 and the same 4WD system as the Lancer EVO I, but this could hardly be considered as a typical bubble-era product. The turbocharged 4G63 already featured in the Lancer Turbo and the basis for the 4WD system was developed with consumers in mind. Nothing excessive here to see.


Enter AMG here! AMG was still an independent tuning house and not a part of Mercedes-Benz yet. Mitsubishi wanted to get a little bit more of that European flair, so they asked AMG to develop an AMG special of their flagship the Debonair. This was excessive in luxury, but AMG didn’t touch any of the mechanical aspects of the Debonair. Mitsubishi wanted to launch the all new 1987 Galant with a performance model but the VR-4 was still under development.

Flying Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 rally car
It’s hard to believe the Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 is nowhere near as mad as the Galant AMG!

Mitsubishi Galant AMG: the executive performance sedan!

Enter the Galant here! Mitsubishi started shipping new Galants from Japan to Affalterbach in Germany for AMG to soup them up in both luxury and performance and then ship them back to Japan! Luxury upgrades included wood door inserts, AMG steeringwheel, wooden shift knobs, leather two-tone seats. Performance enhancements included 15 inch AMG shuriken style alloy rims, AMG bumpers, AMG rear spoiler and a tuned naturally aspirated 4G63 engine which had it’s output increased from 140ps to 170ps (127kW) by changing cam profiles, dual cyclone intake and titanium valve springs. The Galant AMG was no big powerhouse and was always overshadowed by it’s more powerful VR-4 brother. But it certainly had more class than it’s VR-4 brother and it won by far in the insanity factor! A true bubble-era car for the executive that needs a little bit more performance!

Mitsubishi Galant AMG brochure: bubble-era insanity!
Mitsubishi Galant AMG brochure: bubble-era insanity!

Apart from the addition of the Galant AMG, I took the liberty to upgrade/update things a bit: all new posts now feature the specs in four tables instead of two: chassis, suspension, engine and gearbox. I have also added the wheel and tire sizes of all cars to make the differences in size between cars stand out even more.

So expect to find a car mashup including the Mitsubishi Galant AMG this coming Monday and of course more updates will follow soon!

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