New car reveal: Toyota Carina ST Surf SA60G

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Yes it’s time for another new car reveal: the Toyota Carina ST Surf SA60G!

Toyota Carina ST Surf SA60G
A Toyota Carina ST Surf SA60G

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the third generation Toyota Carina as I own a four door Carina DX sedan myself and also run the CarinaFR website. So yeah I can consider myself to be a Carina-nut! This obviously means I’m over-perfecting everything: the whole background story, all the facts and ads are there! The blueprint was another story: there simply isn’t a full blueprint available of the third generation Toyota Carina ST Surf, hence I have to do it myself based upon the Carina Van drawings:

Toyota Carina ST Surf blueprint in progress
Toyota Carina ST Surf blueprint in progress

To make matters worse: there isn’t a front or rear blueprint drawing available either, so I have to trace those right from the press photographs and photos in some of the European brochures. So it’s definitely a tedious job this time! It would have been much easier if I would have chosen the more desirable Carina coupe or more generic sedan.

Toyota Carina GT-TR TA63 coupe
Toyota Carina GT-TR TA63 coupe

So why did I choose for the Surf then instead? I think it’s an interesting car to begin with: starting with the RV2 concept in 1972 Toyota started to think about recreational vehicles. Starting from the late 70s a lineup had been created based upon existing models like the Land Cruiser, Crown and Lite Ace. The Carina ST Surf was also added to this lineup right from the first year this new Carina became available!

Another fun fact about the Carina ST Surf is that it’s considered to be a wagon and not a van. The Carina Van featured a solid rear axle with leaf springs while the Carina ST Surf featured coil springs. And the branding was totally different: the sportive image of surfers buying a Carina wagon to haul their boards to the beach was something new for Toyota!

I expect the blueprint to be ready somewhere next week, so it will be available for car mashups after October 22nd! I hope you will enjoy this new car as much as I do!

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